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Experience the Miracle in Your Wall

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    Gloob proudly introduces Keemaaya Junior, customizable wallpapers for children and young adults. Explore through kitschy, savvy and age appropriate designs which can be customized to any size or shape and can be applied to any surface; roofs, walls, cupboards or pillars.

    Go on !
    Make your kids’ space a special treat for them!
    Let them live their imagination!


    A step froward in its vision of designing and developing the most exclusive range of wall coverings, KEEMAAYA (from Gloob) is proud to present 3-d murals.

    Keemaaya’s 3-d murals are first of its kind designs in the entire world which liven up your spaces with amazing designs and themes which give a 3 dimensional effect when applied on your walls.

    Available on premium and cost effective range, these murals are an ideal add on to luxury projects and can accentuate every area of your home or office.

    Gloob your spaces with this amazing range!

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    Walls can be more than just staid boring paints. They can hold a miracle, a magic within. The word “Keemaaya” means exactly that. Wallpapers from Keemaaya add a touch of luxury and class to your walls. Available in a variety of amazing designs and affordable prices Keemaaya provides a cost effective option to decoative paints and textures.

    Usable over large areas as repetitive patterns Keemaaya wallpapers can redecorate your spaces within a couple of hours.

    So go on, give your walls an expression. Discover the miracle in your walls.


    Walls can be the window to fantasy. They can hide behind them a world unknown, a world which peeks out from behind the boundaries. At Keemaaya, this possibility of adding another dimension to walls is what gave birth to the product line.

    Keemaaya Panels and Patterns, is a realization of a dream and a passionate attempt by a group talented designers to bring to your home a touch of fantasy and class you have been waiting for long.

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    Now you can have Gods looking upon from your walls. For the first time in India, Keemaaya from Gloob, launches an exclusive range of wall coverings to match the religious sensibility of all possible religions.

    The panels launched in fixed size of 52 inch x 10 ft and pattern rolls as 25 inch x 25 ft compliment each other to create amazing adornments for your spaces.

    So go on!

    Gloob your walls and keep your Gods closer to you.


    The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live, then why let your doors look boring and drab.

    Keemaaya door drapes, India’s first designer clothing for doors brings you with some amazing range of wallpaper designs, redefining the look of the plain doors. These wallpapers are available in 3D and plain glossy media. There are 78 beautiful designs to get yourself indulge into the world of extremely classy and innovative design ideas to give identity to the doors.

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