Tiling Solutions

Tiling surfaces are become very common in recent time, almost all the floors are covered with tile from footpaths to building floors and in swimming pools etc. Various tile fixing solutions are available for different kind of places depends on the requirement of area. Most commonly cement paste is used to fix tile. All what requires is pure paste of cement mix with water it is necessary to make sure that the mixture should neither be so thick neither thin it should in such condition that it can.


    “MYK Laticrete” is a collabration with Laticrete International USA and this is the only company in tile & stone installation materials to obtain the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification. They cater to the needs of Swimming pools, Residential, commercial, Industrial Floors and renovation works.

  • ROFF

    Roff company deals with not only water proofing but also Tiling solutions
    like adhesives, yrouts, epoxy yrouts…etc.